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The New Theraputic Body Vibe

 Whole Body Vibration Therapy




Body Vibe

in your Home.


What To Expect with

The Body Vibe


With the Body Vibe, in 10 minutes you’ll get the equivalent exercise that 1-2 miles of jogging would give.  The Body Vibe will increase your bone density, your serotonin, your blood circulation, your muscle mass, your endurance, your uptake of cellular oxygen, clean your lymphatic's; decrease your fat and cellulite, decrease fluid retention, decrease cortisol, improve your balance; loosens joints & muscles.  It will even speed the trauma (stroke) recovery; increase Human Growth Hormone & Testosterone production. 


What happens first when I stand on the Body Vibe?


The first thing that happens is that all of the muscle fibers in your body begin to tense and relax at the same rate as the Body Vibe is vibrating—about 30 to 50 times per second.


Yes - all your muscles are tensing and relaxing many times a second while you are on the Body Vibe.  That means true whole body exercise!


Ten minutes on the Choice Products Body Vibe is equal to 30 minutes of weight lighting and 1-2 miles of jogging.


And you are just standing there!  Therapeutic Body Vibe is the perfect answer to the housebound, the elderly, the chronically ill, and, yes, even the lazy ones who find it difficult to exercise.


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What happens next?


1.  Immediately an increase of blood flow occurs in the whole body.


2.  Increase in serotonin and nor-epinephrine, neurotransmitters that make you calm and happy.   It will make you Smile.


3.  Cortisol, the stress hormone, begins to decrease.


4.  Regular use produces significant increase in bone density, reversing osteoporosis.


5.  Increases occur in Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone and Intrinsic Growth Factor 1.


6.  Cellulite begins to break up.


7.  T cells, the important immune cell, begin to increase.


8.  Damaged and non-functional nerve cells begin to activate.


9. Cells become saturated with oxygen.


Try the Choice Products Body Vibe today.  You’ll feel better and look better.  You can spare ten minutes a day!  No more excuses!  Only ten minutes and you’ll get the equivalent of jogging 1-2 miles and 30 minutes of weight lifting.  There is nothing to lose but fat, calories and cellulite.  And you will be gaining bone density, better blood circulation, muscle mass and a who lot More.


Try it today! You can purchase a Therapeutic Body Vibe for your own home.   Please allow one week for delivery.

      $995.00 (Comparible units sell for over $2,000)

Includes Sales Tax and Shipping

if the body vibe can be shipped to a business near you.

  You pay shipping if it is sent to your home.


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