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Pay Attention 

Mind Coaching for Kids and Teens

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Mind Coaching for Kids and Teens



This clip is the full Mental Training Exercise from track 3 on the CD "Pay Attention".   You may listen to it as a sample of what Mind Coaching is all about.   If you find that this is what you are looking for, please order the CD for more convenient use.   And share this with others who can use it.   Bob
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We have seen success with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Behavior Disorders, Serious Health Issues, Anxiety, Depression, and many more conditions.

To Purchase CDs for $14.95

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or to order by phone  Call (989) 352-6500


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Here is a Fun News Clip

Kids today are increasingly prone to social, mental and environmental stresses that lead to hyperactivity, ADD, frantic multitasking, and distraction. How can this tide be turned? A program in Bangkok, Thailand called the “Mind and Self Grooming Day Camp” is helping children deal with these problems by teaching them meditation. Using a custom tailored approach that cuts the meditation exercises down to easy 15 to 20 minutes segments, the camp turns meditation into games that kids can enjoy and relate to. The program has helped students deal with problems at school and to stay relaxed and focused amidst our fast paced over stimulating modern society.

[via Bangkok Post]



Indigo Children   


In 1992, a book, Indigo Children, was written by two psychologists that had observed some very interesting things in some children.  Someone they worked with who had a condition known as synesthesia saw the color indigo around these children when she looked at them.  This is where the name came from.


Some people think this indigo color is the electromagnetic field or aura which surrounds all of us.  These children were unusually intelligent and mature.  Some know things before they happen.   One child we know calls her great grandmother, Kitty.   This was a pet name her father used for her when she was a child and no one had called her that for over 50 years.   There are some kids in China who have telekinesis (the ability to move objects with their minds). Some can hold a book to their head and download it to their brain and be able to know what is in it.     Some see angels and spirits.   Most have an unusual connection to nature and are almost overly concerned about the environment.  All seem to be very connected to animals.    Some are wizards with machines and electronics.  Many are diagnosed with ADD and Autism.   Some have major behavior problems.


Many of these children have genetic differences from most adults.  The genetic change is in the connecting bridges between the two DNA strands.   These are called codons.   Most adults have 8 active codons.   These indigo children have 12 or 14 active codons.  We really do not know exactly what this means.    Some people feel that these changes are happening to help the new generations handle the huge amounts of information and technology that are coming.


It is important to understand these children are different, but not defective.  Sometimes they need different types of education.  Often they respond to negotiation rather that discipline.   They often respond well to natural remedies better than prescription medications.  There are some good books on the subject.  Check the Web.

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