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Hi. My name is Bob Huttinga. I am a Physician Assistant, trained in Natural Health. I have had extensive experience with coaching people, using the mind to heal the body.

Many years ago, I worked with cancer patients doing something I called Cancer Therapy Coaching. This used Mental Training Exercises which where a combination of Hypnosis, Neuroluingistic Programming (NLP), Guided Imagery, and Prayer. The purpose was to reduce side effects and improve the benefits of radiation therapy and chemotherapy using the power of the mind and emotions. It proved to be very successful, but took too much of my time and I was unable to continue that work. I did promise myself that I would someday put this material together on a recording so anyone could use it. So after nearly twenty years, we have prepared these CDs for the benefit of people with many health issues, not just cancer.

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This clip explains the Mind Coaching CDs

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Introduction to Mind Coaching

We are delighted to announce the newly released works of Bob Huttinga, Physician Assistant, from the Healing Center of Lakeview, Michigan.

Bob has recorded a series of CDs aimed at learning to use the mind to heal the body.     Here is what Bob has to say about these CDs: 

Coaching and Christian Coaching for Perfect Health,” are primarily for Cancer Patients. But the material can be used for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain Control, and many other things. The basic concept of mind coaching is this: The conscious mind is the information that we are aware of.   It is like a computer screen, and it is limited to processing about 10 bits of information at any given time. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, handles all the information that we are not aware of.   It is like your hard drive connected to the internet.   It can handle millions of bits of information at any one time. This part of our mind controls all the autonomic functions, cellular activities, and complex chemistry in our body. By getting into a relaxed, dream-like alpha brain wave state, we can learn to access this subconscious part of our mind and we can program, de-program, and re-program many of the operational systems of our brain and body that are out-dated and are no longer serving us and our best interest.”

There are two versions to this material.  Some people, when they face life’s challenges, feel a reliance upon God.   So, we have prepared a Christian version which makes reference to God and Jesus throughout the Mental Training Exercises.    Many other people do not share that view, so “Coaching for Perfect Health” was created without the religious language.    Use which ever version fits your needs at this time in your life.   I want all people to be able to benefit and both styles have had proven results.



“I have produced two other CDs:


Pay Attention -- Mind Coaching for Kids and Teens,”  is used primarily for ADD, ADD/ADHD, and Behavior Disorders and has shown very good results.


Fit, Clean, and Sober -- Mind Coaching for Recovery from Addictions.” This CD is being used for addictions to Food, Alcohol, Gambling, Drugs, Shopping, Internet, Sex, Pornography, and many others things that interfere with wholesome living.


The real power in these CDs is the word “Coaching”.  Most of the time with serious illnesses, addictions, etc, it is our emotional human limitations that keep us from accepting the perfect health we deserve.   The person with health issues has to do all the work to change their thinking to get a better outcome.   But many times they do not know what to do or how to do it.


Instead of years of study, trial, and error, anyone can easily benefit from Bob’s expertise to get the results they desire.


One might ask, "how do I get into the alpha brain wave state and what is it good for?"


Well, often during the day we are in this alpha state, when we day dream, when we are in the shower, when we are driving, and other times when we shift into automatic and our minds drift off.   You will learn to get into that state of mind anytime you desire and for whatever purpose you choose.



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