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Coaching for Perfect Health

Christian Coaching for Perfect Health



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Perfect Health

     Coaching and Christian Coaching for Perfect Health,” are primarily for Cancer Patients. But the material can be used for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain Control, and many other things.


     The basic concept of mind coaching is this: The conscious mind is the information that we are aware of.   It is like a computer screen, and it is limited to processing about 10 bits of information at any given time. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, handles all the information that we are not aware of.   It is like your computer's hard drive connected to the internet.   It can handle millions of bits of information at any one time. This subconscious part of our mind controls all the autonomic functions, cellular activities, and complex chemistry in our body. By getting into a relaxed, dream-like alpha brain wave state we can learn to program, de-program, and re-program many of the operational systems of our brain and body that are out-dated and are no longer serving us and our best interest.”



Program Content

CD One

Track One             Introduction  


Track Two             Relaxation Coaching 

                              Learning to relax Body and Mind,   Stress Control

Track Three          The Quick Fix            

                             A Short Relaxation Exercise

Track Four            Coaching for Perfect Health     

                             A Fantastic Voyage through the body to self heal     

CD Two              

Track One             Chemotherapy Coaching     

                             A Healing Exercise to reduce side effects and improve the outcome of Chemo


Track Two            Radiation Therapy Coaching

                              A Healing Exercise to reduce side effects and improve the outcome of Radiation


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There are two versions of the CD. Some people, when they face life’s challenges, feel a reliance upon God. So, we have prepared "Christian Coaching for Perfect Health", which makes reference to God and Jesus throughout the Mind Coaching. Many other people do not share that view, so “Coaching for Perfect Health” was created without those religious references. Use which ever version fits your needs at this time in your life.

Instructions for use of the “Mind Coaching” CDs 

1.   After listening to the Introduction, listen to track 2 on the first CD, entitled Relaxation Coaching.    This is training to relax your mind and body.

2.   Next listen to track 3 on the first CD, The Quick Fix.     This is a shorter relaxation exercise.

3.   Listen to either The Quick Fix or Relaxation Coaching up to three times per day for approximately one week.   This trains your mind to enter the proper levels to accept the later Healing Exercises. 

4.   After about one week, listen to track 4 on the first CD, Coaching for Perfect Health.    Listen to this about once per week.   On the other days listen to The Quick Fix or Relaxation Coaching up to three times per day.

5.   For people using Chemotherapy, listen to track 1 on the second CD with head phones during the treatment.    If that is not feasible, listen to it prior to your treatment and recall the material while you are having the treatment.

6.   For Radiation Therapy, since the treatment is usually short, listen to track 2 on the second CD before the treatment.   Play it over in your mind while the treatment is being performed.

7.  Please do not listen to these mental training exercises while operating a motorised vehicle.   Use them in a quiet, comfortable place.   Since this is training, it is best to go through the exercises in a seated position.    If you are too ill to sit, you may lie down.   Do your best to remain awake and listen consciously, but if you do fall asleep you will still reap benefits.   At the end of the exercise if you wish to go to sleep, you may disregard the ending instructions and simply drift off to sleep.

So enjoy the Mental Training Exercises

as you find your way to Perfect Health.



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