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 Fit, Clean, and Sober


     Please do not listen to these mental training exercises while operating a motorized vehicle.   Use them in a quiet, comfortable place.    At the end of the exercise if you wish to go to sleep, you may disregard the ending instructions and simply drift off to sleep.


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 Remedies and Supplements for Addictions

Several Herbal Supplements and Homeopathic remedies have been found to be highly beneficial for the treatment of Addictions.    Investigate this with the help of a qualified Homeopath or Naturopathic Doctor.   Or you can call the Healing Center for a phone consultation, (989)352-6500.   These products will soon be available for purchase through our online store.


A Liver Cleanse, every three months is vital to anyone with substance abuse or food addiction issues.   We like Nature's Sunshine, Liver Cleanse Formula.   

Homeopathic Aveena Sativa 3C has been quite helpful to reduce cravings, especially for drugs and alcohol.    It usually taken one pellet, dissolved in your mouth once per day, but it can be increased to 2 or 3 times per day if urges become too strong. 


Herbal Hops has been helpful to reduce urges in beer drinkers since some people are actually addicted to the hops as well as the alcohol.     Take one or two capsules two times per day with a meal. 

Herbal combination Kudzu / St. John’s Wort can help eliminate the cravings for hard liquor.     Take one capsule three times per day.    Do not use if taking prescription anti-depressants.

Caprylic Acid, One capsule before meals is great for reducing Sugar Cravings.  It also helps control the yeast, Candida Albicans, which is always a factor in Sugar Addictions.

Homeopathic Lobelia 6C is made from Indian Tobacco and is great to relieve nicotine urges.   Take one pellet, dissolved in your mouth, every time you get an urge.

Homeopathic Nux Vomica 30C is great for Road Rage and the aggressive personality type of some Alcoholics.   It is also good for food urges when you have Stopped Smoking. 

The natural treatments mentioned in this article have a proven history.  This fact, however, does NOT gaurentee your results.  We are not responsible for the outcome of the use of these remedies.  These remedies should be taken under the direction of a trained naturopathic provider.  If one is not available, follow the directions as closely as possible.


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Enjoy a few articles I have written about addictive substances



This is another one of those things that we use to self-medicate, usually for stress relief.   Alcohol use and abuse has been documented all the way back to pre-historic times.   Science has shown that one alcohol drink per day can be beneficial by reducing cholesterol.   But two or more drinks raise cholesterol.  Long term use of alcohol will gradually destroy the liver, leading to serious medical problems. 


Short term we often use alcohol in social situations to reduce inhibitions, cause euphoria, create laughter, and help us men dance.   Unfortunately intoxication can lead to loss of driving privileges and is a factor in many crimes of violence and passion.  Alcohol abuse almost always starts as innocent self-medication (usually for stress control), but soon leads to the trap of alcoholism.  Most people who drink regularly need to supplement vitamins and minerals.  


Beer drinkers often benefit from using herbal Hops.  Hard liquor drinkers often find Kudzu / St. John’s Wort by Nature’s Sunshine to be very helpful. 


Using a Liver Cleanse every 4-6 months will help protect the liver.


There are two homeopathic medicines that can help with alcohol abuse.  The first is Aveena Sativa 3C, which has also been helpful for any type of addiction.  Taking one pellet once or twice per day reduces one’s desire for alcohol or other addictive substances.   Two pellets can be added to the bottle or mixed drink.   It will reduce the urge to drink.   The second, Nux Vomica 12C is used for treatment of excesses and has often been used for the bad effects of a hang-over.   This, taken daily, over time, will reduce ones desire to drink.  


Strong support and tough love are keys to successful treatment of alcohol abuse.   Every person that I know who has been successful in recovery from this disease has been involved to some extent with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).   All significant others should attend Al-Anon. 


Sweet Death   

Sugar is another one of those addictions that will eventually kill people.   This is the title of a book by Dr Hugo Rotier, MD.    In this book, he explains quite clearly the dramatic bad effects of sugar.   In the 1960s Dr. John Yudkin wrote for the first time about the dangers of sugars.


There are many different kinds of sugars available to use.  We need certain sugars to be healthy but certain kinds in large amounts are definitely hazardous to our health.    Table sugar, sucrose, is made up of glucose and fructose.  Dr. Yudkin found that it was the fructose that was harmful.   It causes increased blood levels of cholesterol, triglyceride, uric acid, insulin, and cortisol - all associated with an increased risk of heart disease. It also raises blood pressure and increases the fragility of blood platelet cells, increasing risks of clots (strokes and heart attacks).


Fructose in natural form is found in fruit.   In this form it is not dangerous because the fruit contains fiber which slows down the absorption and enzymes which help break it down.   The dangerous fructose comes from High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) which is a manufactured sweetener made from corn.   16 billion pounds of this is made each year and it is added to everything.   Soft drinks have up to 12 teaspoons per 12 oz can, ketchup has 1 teaspoon per tablespoon, and fruit juices are loaded.  Glucose can be burned immediately for energy, but fructose must be first processed by the liver.  In the liver it is usually converted to fat.   Fructose gets priority in our system.  This means that as long as there is fructose from HFCS in our body it must be processed first, and fat cannot be broken down until the fructose is all gone.


As a result we are often nutritionally starved and hungry all the time, even though there is plenty of stored nutrients (in the form of glycogen and fat) just waiting to be used.   If you want to live long and be healthy, it is imperative that you read labels and stop eating and drinking the high fructose corn syrup.   Go back to simple eating, meat, vegetables, and fruit.  Get rid of the processed food.   You will be able to eat all you desire and not be starved.      Use the Mind Coaching CD, “Fit, Clean, and Sober”, to eliminate your desire for sweets.   The herb Caprylic Acid will be very helpful to reduce sugar cravings.    On a short term basis, Carb Busters from Nature’s Sunshine can also be helpful.   But ultimately the High Fructose Corn Syrup must be eliminated from your diet.

The Beer Belly

As I was growing up, one of my uncles had a very large abdomen.   We all thought it was funny how he could put his plate on his big belly to eat and did not have to use the table. 


Now, many years later, I understand the seriousness of this condition and unfortunately he did die young.   The formal medical term for this is VAT (visceral adipose tissue).   It means fat deposited in the abdominal cavity. 


Hanging down over our internal organs is a thin fatty apron called the omentum.   Its purpose is to protect our organs.    When we drink too much beer or eat too much food that has too much sugar and starch in it, we temporarily get high blood sugar.    This causes too much insulin to be produced.   Then there is a flurry of activity to get rid of the high blood sugar.    Some of this extra sugar is converted to triglycerides which can be converted into stored fat.   In men, this fat goes to the omentum first and later to other parts of the body.   In women, this fat goes to the buttocks and thighs first and then to the abdomen.


The worst part of this fat accumulation is that after a while it becomes an organ itself and it produces an enzyme called aromatase.    The aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen.  


When men have increasing estrogen, they have a bunch of unwanted body changes.   The prostate enlarges causing urination problems and increasing PSA.   Sex drive and performance decreases.     Breast enlargement and loss of muscle strength can occur.

In women estrogen dominance develops with all its weight control, emotional, and menstrual problems (Journal of Family Practice News 7-07).  In both men and women, the next unwanted development is high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and blood vessel diseases.   So watch the waist, ideal is less than 40 inches (measured at the navel) for men and less than 32 inches for women.      This will become the standard for monitoring risk in the future.



I used to love to smoke a pipe.  It was relaxing.  I felt like it improved my creativity.   Maybe those were just excuses for a bad habit that made me feel good. 


Tobacco is one of those things that have two sides.   We use it to medicate ourselves to feel better, but the down side is that it can lead to quite severe health issues.   If you are a tobacco user you have heard all the horror stories and know all the statistics.  The bottom line is that the benefits you get from smoking right now, out-weigh the detrimental effects that might happen in the future.   


We know that eventually continued use of tobacco will cause problems, sometimes severe.   The most important factor in stopping smoking is the desire to stop.   If you do not have the desire, then none of the smoke stopping ideas will work.  When you are ready, everything will work.   You must first prepare yourself mentally.  The Mind Coaching CD, “Fit, Clean and Sober – Mind Coaching for Recovery fro Addictions” will build that desire.   Use it for three or four weeks before you quit date.  


When you are ready, the best natural thing I have seen is the homeopathic Smoking Quit Kit.   It will also work for chewing tobacco.  The kit contains Homeopathic Lobelia 6C and Nux Vomica 30C.   Lobelia is made from Indian Tobacco.   This remedy has no nicotine in it.   However the body is tricked into thinking that it is tobacco.   Use the lobelia, one pellet under the tongue as often as needed.   Take it every time you get an urge to smoke or chew.  It will curb that urge for 15 minutes to 2 hours.  After about 5-7 days the urges will begin to subside.   The Nux Vomica is to help reduce the urges to eat that often accompany the absence of nicotine.   Some people will gain a little weight, but most do really well especially if you visualize and imagine stable weight or ever weight loss while you are use the Mind Coaching CD.   


The best part is this kit and the CD cost less than $30.00.   The bottom line is, smoking and chewing are very damaging habits and there are great ways to quit successfully. 


Consider Hypnosis.   Our hypnosis program to stop smoking has been very successful.   The Cost is great, $150.  That is way less than the cost of smoking for one month.    Do it now.


Put Your Health in Your Own Hands 


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