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My father always said, "God gave us two ears and one mouth.  Use them in that proportion".    And here I am --- Talk, Talk, Talk.

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Put Your Health in Your Own Hands.




Cancer-Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.

I am writing a short series on these four aspects of cancer.  So many times when we treat cancer, we focus only the physical aspect and ignore the others.  We use chemotherapy and radiation therapy to try to eradicate these abnormal cells that are in the body. But we forget about the Spiritual aspects of life in relationship to illnesses like cancer.


With any potentially life threatening condition we are forced to face our mortality. When we are children, we feel like we will live forever. We do not think much about death and dying. The reality is that we are mortal beings with a physical body that will wear out someday and cease to function. Yet another component is that we are spiritual beings that are experiencing the physical world of objective reality through our physical senses. It has taken many years to get some sort of understanding about how all this works. And that being said, there are times when I know that things are much different than I think they are.


At any rate I will share my philosophy on this. You can take from it what you will. Like a friend of mine says, “when you eat fruit, just eat the meaty part and spit out the seeds and pulp”. Use any of this that resonates with you.


A spiritual being resides within us. It is that part that is our awareness of being. If we stop everything for a few minutes, close our eyes and repeat the words, “I am”, a few times we become aware of being. This awareness of being is our spiritual self. This is the part of us that controls the direction of our physical lives. This is the voice of God. This is the intuition that often guides us with inner vision, the still small voice, and the gut feelings.


In contrast to that, is our ego! The ego is the part of our mind that wants to run everything and get the credit for doing it. It is the part that competes for glory and wants the thrill of excitement and adventure. Ego is the part that often guides us to make the “wrong decision for the wrong reasons”.


Cancer is a physical condition in which certain cells in our body have lost their self-control. Each cell is supposed to have a self-regulating mechanism controlled by its DNA, which programs it to die at a certain time. Each tissue type has a specific life cycle, much like any organism. Old cells die, new cell come in to take their place. Programmed cell death is called, “apoptosis”. Each cell in a tissue type lives a predetermined length of time and then it dies. For example, blood cells live only a few days whereas nerve cells live for years.


Sometimes a protein appears on the cell membrane called, “ENOX2” proteins. These prevent the natural programmed cell death from occurring and now cells begin to accumulate and form masses and tumors.


It is my belief, that our spiritual part, our awareness of being, is here for a purpose. That purpose is for its own spiritual evolution. When it no longer has a purpose, or when its purpose is completed, it begins to find ways for the physical body to release it. The physical body must die so the spirit can be released. Cancer is one way for that to happen. I have seen this many times. When people have no purpose they begin to deteriorate. They can regenerate when they have purpose. I have seen people come back from the brink, to totally recover, going on to live long purpose-filled lives. It all comes down to what message we are sending to our spiritual self. Are we purposefully caring for our physical body, avoiding toxins and feeding it properly? What are we mentally envisioning, saying to ourselves and feeling about ourselves? What are our emotions? What message is that spiritual part of us getting? Life is great or life sucks?


When our spiritual part, that awareness of being can no longer learn from the physical experiences of the body, then it is time to go. Then it will create an exit point. It is my belief that these occur every ten years or so. Many people have experienced near fatal injuries, accidents, and illness every 10-15 years. It is interesting to note that people who live purposefully rarely experience that.


We must let go of all our old thinking, we must remove all our old misconceptions about life. To return to perfect health after experiencing cancer, we must have a purpose that is worthwhile for ourselves, our family, and the rest of humanity. Every night before going to sleep we must envision our life the way we want it to be, even if we are facing a serious life threatening illness. This is faith. Unless our awareness of being, understands clearly the purpose for continuing our physical existence, it cannot not happen.


Do not pray for healing. (Prayer for healing is weak; it is like “trying’, it is not doing.) Do not pray for cancer to be removed. Pray for perfect physical health so you can fulfill your purpose for living. Then state your purpose. Why do you want to live? Why is it imperative that you live? What is so important that you must remain here in physical form? You have to be very convincing. You cannot be like a whining child. You must be sure, assertive, and even a little pushy. Think like this before sleep until you achieve a feeling as if it is already done.


Do not tell anyone else what you are doing, thinking, and praying. This must be done in secret, between you, your awareness of being and God. When you tell others, they will fill you with doubt and fear. This is not negotiating or deal making, or begging. It is a clear statement of purpose. Prayer in this manner is creative and in this way, your desired outcome is granted.


We must let go of everything we previously believe. Jesus said, “If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed..….nothing will be impossible for you”. That means turning our back on fear and doubt and facing the light of the future with purpose as if we have already completed it.      


When we think spiritually in this manner, something changes in our DNA and the ENOX2 proteins are removed from the cells. Then the normal programmed cell death of the cancerous cells begins to occur and tumors are removed by our own body so we can return to perfect health and the new purpose of our life.


Put Your Health in Your Own Hands



Cancer-Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.

I am writing a short series on these four aspects of cancer.  So many times when we treat cancer, we focus only the physical aspect and ignore the others.  We use chemotherapy and radiation therapy to try to eradicate these abnormal cells that are in the body. But we forget about the Emotional aspects of cancer.


Many years ago, Louise Hay, wrote a book called “You Can Heal Your Life”.  After 15 years of working as a counselor, she noticed that physical illness is often associated with emotional conditions.  For example, she noticed that liver and gallbladder disease are often associated with anger, bitterness and resentment.  She found that people who have chronic back problems often have lack of support and/or lack of financial support. Bladder problems were connected to people who were “pissed off” all the time.  Throat conditions were aggravated by not speaking one’s mind. And so on.


Many years ago my mentor, Dr. Bennett, said “cancers may be caused by what we eat, but more often they are caused by what eats at us”.  Many times we carry emotions, often from our childhood that we may not be aware of, or keep hidden out of sight.


Often, these hidden emotions are the results of conflicts that we have with other people.  Six or seven years ago, I had a patient with stage IV breast cancer, who was carrying a deep resentment toward her husband, who had been unfaithful to her 10 years before.  After she was able to totally forgive him and let go of her resentment and anger, her cancer disappeared with no additional treatment and she is cancer free today.


O. Carl Simonton, Radiation Oncologist and Teacher of Visualization Healing said that people who live or work in an environment that they hate, are more likely to have these serious illnesses.  His advice: either find new work or living conditions or change your mind about the situation.  You have to be happy.


Our bodies know how to be perfectly healthy, but something may interfere with that, causing disease.  I often prescribe a tool called Emotional Releasing.  The protocol is to create a timeline of every emotionally traumatic event that you can recall.  Here is a list of events that may cause trapped emotions: grief, loss of love, abandonment, humiliation, fright, bad news, worry, disappointment, anger, homesickness, jealousy, dishonesty, and I’m sure there are more.  Using one event at a time, write a letter to the person involved.  This letter is for your own healing and will never be sent to that person. It is not their problem, it is yours.  In the letter, you write everything you wish you could say to that person.  Then, when you finish writing, you add an ending, stating. “I will no longer carry your debt for you physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.”  And then add, “I love you, I bless you, I release you, and I forgive you for everything I think you have done to me.”  Then you read this letter out loud three times and then burn it.  As you watch the smoke and flame, release this negative emotion to your higher power.  Then, in a week or so think about that situation again, and if it is not completely resolved, write another letter.  Do this until it is gone.


Keep doing this with every traumatic event on the timeline until you have cleaned up as much of the old garbage as you can remember.  You will experience an amazing peacefulness and lightness of being.


Tapping techniques, like those described in “The Happiness Code” by Gary Landry, are very valuable to release trapped emotions.  These techniques use acupuncture points and the Meridian Energy System to heal the stuck emotional condition.  Homeopathic Remedies and Bach Flower Remedies have been used for a long time to help eliminate trapped negative emotions.  Emotional release massages are another amazing tool to release old emotions so they no longer poison our physical body. Meditating on what you desire for your future will create that outcome unless you sabotage it.


It is very important to understand that negative emotions cause acidity and inflammation in the body. This acidity and inflammation then causes problems with our immune system, which can lead to the development of cancers.  Cleaning up our past traumatic emotional events is much like cleaning out the garage or the basement.  This emotional clutter influences all aspects of our lives, especially our health. Rats cannot live in the basement of a clean mind.


Clean it up, and Put Your Health in Your Own Hands



Cancer-Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.

I am writing a short series on these four aspects of cancer.  So many times when we treat cancer, we focus only the physical aspect and ignore the others.  We use chemotherapy and radiation therapy to try to eradicate these abnormal cells that are in the body. But we forget about the Mental aspects of cancer.


First, there is the shock of bad news when one gets a diagnosis of cancer.  Many people tell me they feel like they were punched in the stomach or they felt their heart stop when they were told this bad news by their doctor.


We use a homeopathic remedy, Gelsemium 200C, taken twice daily for five days to remove the shock of this bad news.  This can be taken at any time after the diagnosis is given, the sooner the better, to help a person think more clearly as they find their way through this life changing experience.


Because our experience with cancer often has had a negative outcome, there is an immediate fear of death.  This is a conditioned response.  It is natural.  And in some people’s minds, they immediately begin to prepare for their death.  This is unfortunately much like a superstition.  We all think of Friday the 13th as an unlucky day.  And we often think of a black cat is unlucky.  But we logically know that these things are not necessarily unlucky, we have just been programmed to think that way.  The same is true for certain diagnoses like cancer.


A friend of mine works for a Doctor who has written a book, “Cancer is Just a Symptom”.  This is how we have to learn think of it.  If one can think correctly, then cancer should be no more difficult to correct than a bad bronchitis.  The challenge is overcoming the old programming about the severity of this condition. 


I’m sure almost all of us know people who have been diagnosed with cancer who have survived and lived for a long time.  I personally know many miraculous stories of recovery.  We think of these as miraculous, because we often do not know the cause behind the recovery.  A very important part of recovery from any illness, cancer included, is our mental state.  It is well known that cancer cells survive well in an acidic environment.  There are many physical things that can cause an acidic environment in the body, such as foods and toxins.  The most important thing that produces acidity in the body is stress. 


What is stress?  Stress is a term that comes from engineering. It refers to the breaking point of a substance. Stress causes disease by breaking down the body’s weakest genetic link. It does this by creating an acidic environment in response to stress.  Most of us have heard of lactic acid that is produced when we exercise.  Similar acids are made when the body is under mental stress.


Learning to relax and meditate on what one really, really wants is the best way to mentally create a non-acidic environment in the body.  Most people are never taught how to do this.  Learning relaxation techniques when you are ill is more difficult than learning them when you are healthy.  Putting yourself mentally into an ideal place of relaxation, thinking about and focusing on your future perfect health creates the ideal environment for the immune system to eliminate these unwanted cells from the body.  Our body knows how to be perfectly healthy.  When something like an acidic environment interferes with our immune system, cancer cells are allowed to exist.


So taking a homeopathic remedy, Gelsemium, as early as possible will help eliminate the acidic effects of fear and bad news.  Focusing with a positive outlook, on our future perfect health on a daily basis, will also create a healthy environment for healthy cells to live in our body and allow our immune system to do its job.


Learn to be happy all the time, change the things in your life that you need to change and let go of the things you cannot fix.  Let go of those things that you have no control of such as the government, the health care system, Medicare, Obama, your past, your relatives, etc.  Let it go.  Fix your world, let go of the rest. Stop watching the news. The negatives just create more acidity. Focus on your future perfect health. You cannot serve two masters, the past and the future.  You must choose where to put your energy, into the sunshine of the future or the darkness of the past.


Think about how old you want to be when you pass over, and then see yourself driving and dancing until that day. If you use your GPS, you must type in an address.  You have to know where you want to go.  That is like your life. Without a program of perfect health until age 105, you cannot get there. Learn to think perfect health. Remember, You Become What Your Think About Most of the Time.


Put Your Health in Your Own Hands


Cancer-Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.


I am going to write a short series on these four aspects of cancer. So many times when we treat cancer, we focus only the physical aspect and ignore the others. We use chemotherapy and radiation therapy to try to eradicate these abnormal cells that are in the body. It is important to understand, the cancer cells cannot create the environment in which they can live. Cancer is, in that sense, opportunistic. It can only survive in the body, if our immune system does not recognize it as abnormal. Every cell in our body is coded to be recognized as part of the self. So these abnormal cells are allowed to survive when our surveillance system is not working correctly. Prevention is our best and easiest treatment, right?


Dr. Bruce Lipton in, "The Biology of Belief", has taught us about Epigenetics. We sometimes inherit a susceptibility to develop cancer. In homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann taught us that some people carry a cancer Miasm. This also is an inherited susceptibility to develop cancer. Some scientists talk about the cancer gene, but this is not entirely accurate.


So what happens? We may have ancestors who have had cancer. From them we may inherit this weakness, this tendency, this susceptibility to develop cancer cells in our own body. A dormant gene may reside in the DNA in our cells. It will lie silently until something happens to turn it on. It is much like the sleeping lion that is harmless as long as it stays asleep. What kind of things can switch on a dormant gene? What can wake up the sleeping lion and turn it into something unpleasant?


The most common physical thing that can activate these dormant genes is a change in the chemical environment in the cell's nucleus, the home of the DNA. We know that cancers thrive in acidic, oxygen-poor places. Cancers are much like rodents. Rats and mice do not like clean, open, lighted places. They like dark, dirty places to nest and hide. What creates the ideal place in which a cancer can survive and thrive? Cells that carry a dormant gene and are in acidic, toxic areas of the body that have low oxygen are vulnerable to get activated into a cancer cell. So, how does this happen?


Toxic exposures, first from the air (through the lungs and the skin) and second, from our food are ways that we get contaminated. The third source of toxic material is internally generated wastes from every cell, like the exhaust from our car.


The first thing is to stop putting toxic material in your body, the second is to clean up the toxins that are there, the third is to get proper oxygen to every cell. Stop eating anything that is not food!! Any processed item is not food. Stop eating sugars, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup (now call Fructo-Saccharides). Sugars make you acidic Pure foods, preferably home grown or home prepared is the only way to insure you are eating real food. Anything with additives, flowing agents, dyes, chemicals with names you cannot pronounce, etc. are not real food. Avoid White, Eat Bright.


Start with making your own yogurt, bread, soups, etc. Use frozen food, not canned unless you can it yourself.  Please do not eat "Fast Food".


Our body has the ability to eliminate some toxic material from our bodies, but some toxins are stored in our fat and muscles. Lack of movement and no exercise reduces our body's ability to remove toxins through our routes of elimination: Lungs, Skin, Kidneys, and Liver. Motion in the tissues, vibration from impacts, and contraction of muscles all move internally generated wastes and external toxin from the body. We must move. If we do not move, the fluids around our cell become like a swamp rather than a cool fresh stream.


Movement and deep breathing is the usual way of getting more oxygen to our cells. Avoiding trans fats will insure that our cell membranes are more able to transport oxygen into the cells.  Grass fed beef and wild game contain about 2% trans fats. Feedlot beef can have as high as 40% trans fats. The same is true of wild caught and farm raised fish. When we fool with nature, we often mess it up.


Detoxing or cleansing toxins from the body is of extreme importance to help remove stored wastes. You may want to get some professional advice about doing cleansing. If you are not healthy, you must build the body first before doing a lot of detoxing. There are many safe ways to do this but exercise is actually the most important and the most natural.


Eat only Food, real Food and get your body moving. 


Food Sensitivity Testing

April is National Autism Month, a public awareness campaign intended to draw attention to the signs and symptoms of autism, as well as what can be done to manage and prevent the disease.

It is also a great time to consider other developmental and learning issues that face both children and adults, such as ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, Brain Fog, and Chronic Fatigue. Many of the common treatments for these diseases include prescription medication, but more and more medical professionals, patients, and parents of children with autism, ADD, and ADHD are beginning to recognize a link between nutrition and symptoms. Though these diseases may not be caused by lack of nutrients or exposure to a certain chemical, many are finding these factors affect the severity and the manageability of the diseases. Just as food can affect a person’s ability to focus and cause headaches and migraines, it can also worsen symptoms in those suffering from autism, ADD, and ADHD.

A Food Sensitivity Test reads the effect certain foods have on a body. Foods affect the chemical balance of the body and, in many cases, cause toxicity. Research has found that 95% of patients are suffering from food toxicity, but many do not realize it. These reactions occur on a cellular level, so until they build up and have a massive impact on your life, you might not realize what is happening.  In some cases, the toxic crisis is caused by foods that are believed to be healthy. The Food Sensitivity Test helps you determine which foods are sending your cells into crisis.

The Food Sensitivity Test that we offer is designed for children and adults and tests for toxicity to 96 foods, including cow and goat’s milk, beef, potatoes, yeast, fish, rice, a variety of fruits and vegetables. This is the great place to start ityou eat a varied diet and truly have no idea what is triggering your symptoms or causing your toxicity. The foods in the Food Sensitivity Tests are not unhealthy and many people who are trying to design a healthy switch to the “healthier” foods instead of junk food, foods high in saturated fats, and sugary food. The trouble is, if your body has a toxic response to basic foods, then a conscious eater may be doing more harm than good.

Another common question asked by those with food toxicity is whether variations of a specific food will trigger toxicity. For instance, someone with a problem with eggs might be able to eat only the egg white or only the yolk. Someone with milk sensitivity can sometimes eat whey protein or curd without a problem. The milk and egg sub fraction tests help patients determine if toxicity is caused by the food as a whole or if it is possible to digest parts of a food without problems. This is especially helpful to those trying to build a healthy nutrition program and avoid eliminating certain foods completely

Though no medical professional would suggest food is the only cause of a health condition, there is an increasing awareness of the link between food and health. Avoiding food toxicity is a powerful tool for managing brain fog and difficulty focusing, and it may eliminate many of the symptoms associated with ADD, ADHD, and autism. Most importantly, food is a good place to begin symptom management. Even in instances when other treatment is needed to manage symptoms, food choices can reduce the intensity of other treatments. Dietary changes might lead to a natural reduction in symptoms, and therefore, a reduction in medication. Understanding the effects of food on your body or the body of your child is an important part of creating a complete and effective treatment plan.  

Put Your Health in Your Own Hands.

                                    -Edited and reprint from an article original written by ImmunoLab

Food Sensivity Testing can be down through the Healing Center for 96 foods for $150.00.  We send you a shipping container and when we get the results in about two weeks we send them to you.  Very simple. 


The Terrain Theory


Germs and Cancer cells cannot create an environment in which they can survive.   


All of us are familiar with the fact that Germs cause infections (the Germ Theory). 


So why is it that some people get sick every time something “goes around” and others never get sick?  The answer is the Terrain Theory. 


Something that most people do not know or understand is that the micro-organisms that cause infectious disease and the cancer cells that cause tumors are not able to produce the environment that is needed for them to live and multiply.   That is right; those cells cannot survive unless there is an environment that allows them to survive and reproduce.   These cells are opportunistic.  They grow and thrive in some environments and not in others, but they are not capable of producing a situation that is beneficial enough for them to survive.   They must search for a hospitable place to set up housekeeping. 


Let me share a story.   I know an organic farmer who grows potatoes.   He was showing me a field of lush beautiful potato plants.  Across the fence, 50 yards away, was another field.   In this field, the potato vines were yellow and sick looking.   Closer inspection showed that they were heavily infested with potato beetles.  He told me that the field had been sprayed three times that season.  In my friend’s field, there were very few bugs and it had never been sprayed.   


I asked him, “What gives?”    He replied, “We make the soil healthy, then the plants are healthy.   They give off odors and vibrations that keep the bugs away.   The weak plants do not have those healthy chemicals and frequencies.  That is an invitation for the beetles to move in.  The purpose of the potato beetle is to destroy the weak plants, so the species can continue to grow stronger”.


Maybe the same holds true for us.   Maybe the laws of nature are being followed and the sick body is being attacked to eliminate it from the gene pool, so the strongest, healthiest people survive to carry on the species.


Another example is the flies and their larva, maggots.   These disgusting creatures are part of nature’s plan.  They clean up all the dead, organic material around, but they can never live in healthy tissue.  They cannot create the environment that is good for them, they must find it. 


The same in true of the internal state of our bodies.  We have within us a natural defense system that is constantly looking for problems.  As long as this is working properly our natural defenses protect us.  If it is not working, we are more likely to become ill because the opportunistic organisms and cancer can move in, eventually causing the demise of the host. 


What kinds of things keep the defense system working properly?  What produces situations and situations where the bad bugs and cells cannot survive.


  • Ø  We must have adequate Sunshine.   Fifteen minutes every day. Vitamin D3 is a substitute.
  • Ø  Oxygen is essential and deep breathing will insure good oxygenation of our tissues.
  • Ø  We need good non-chlorinated water, enough to keep our urine nearly clear. 
  • Ø  We need nutritious “live” food that contains the enzymes needed to digest that food. 
  • Ø  All routes of waste elimination, bowel, urine, skin, and lungs must be open and functioning. 
  • Ø  Healthy fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are all very important.  
  • Ø  Exercise is a must to move the waste material through the lymphatic pathways to the routes of elimination. 
  • Ø  Good healthy organisms are needed throughout our system.   Probiotics are an external source of this good guys.
  • Ø  Natural anti-oxidants are needed to eliminate the free radicals that are produced by our body to make energy.  The come from colored foods and herbs.  Avoid white, eat Bright.
  • Ø  Acid/alkaline balance is very important to prevent inflammation.  Eat Greens
  • Ø  Emotional stability and a spiritual connection to God are a must for a healthy Terrain. 


There are a few excesses that must be avoided.  Remember moderation in all things.  Pollution of our internal environment includes smoking, too much alcohol, too many sweets and starches, chlorine, too many acidic foods (pork, pop, coffee, man-made sugars), and chemical additives.  These things all sabotage our healthy terrain. 


So, it is not the presence of the germs and micro-organisms that cause illness.   It is the state of our body, the internal terrain of our systems that keep us healthy because there is no place for the opportunists to live.


My old mentor, Dr. Bennett used to say, “Rats won’t live in a clean house.”    This is a great perspective.   Keep the house (your body) clean and you will be healthy because there is no place for the bad guys to stay.


Put Your Health In Your Own Hands.




Food Sensitivities -- New Perspective

Some of you may know that recently Barb and I took a vacation to Italy and Greece. It was very interesting to note some things about the differences in food consumption and availability between Europe and the US.


First, fresh green vegetables were very hard to get in restaurants. They were available in the markets, but not in the cafes. The prepared foods were, of course, typical Italian foods like pasta, pizza and calzone etc. There were lots of tomatoes, but hardly any greens except arugula.


Second, I was able to eat foods that I have been sensitive to with no problem. For at least 25 years I have not been able to eat any dairy products with getting a large amount of post nasal drainage and eventually development of headaches and either sinus infection or bronchitis. This has happened many times and after a while even a slow learner gets it and avoids these foods religiously.


The first day in Rome it was hard to find the kind of food we usually eat. There, we found a lot of pasta and dairy. So my first meal was an amazingly delicious pizza followed a few hours later by Italian ice cream, Gelato. That evening was Insalada (salad) which consisted of a few sprigs of Romaine lettuce, some arugula, tomato, two kinds of cheese, olives, yellow pepper in olive oil and some great pasta. Eating like that for two weeks produced none of the usual symptoms that I had experienced for years.


Trying to figure this out, I found that there are little or no additives allowed in their food. Fresh foods and raw unprocessed dairy products are the norm rather than the exception in this part of Europe. My guess is that I react to the chemicals, additives, and toxic by-products in processed dairy products.


So the lesson today is to use raw organic foods and dairy. You might still be sensitive, so experiment with caution. The other trap is this - the quantity and frequency of ingestion of your sensitive foods. Do not get lazy. Do not eat those foods too often or in large quantity. Be vigilant if you decide to "test" your food sensitivities and do this with careful observation.


Put Your Health in Your Own Hands


Walking Purposefully

Most of us walk.  Except those who for one reason or another are bound to wheel chairs and beds, we walk.  That is how we get around.  How often do we think about walking?  Rarely!  So, let’s think about purposeful walking, today.

Walking is so automatic, we just do it.  I want to explore two things.  Walking purposefully can change things in our physical body and in our emotional lives.

Our body structure from feet to head is affected by how we walk.  When we step, weight first hits the heel, then transfers out to the outside of the foot, then to the little toe, and finally to the ball of the foot and the big toe for the push off to the next step.   If this sequence is different all muscle, tendons, and ligaments are affected.  This can, not only lead to foot pain, but can also cause pain and mal-alignment elsewhere in the body.

Many people walk leaning forward.  This also causes imbalances, tensions and torsions on the back, neck, and legs.   Learn to stand upright, spine erect, with chest forward, arms back. Keep the toes pointed straight forward or turned slightly outward.  When you walk, swing both arms symmetrically.   This creates balance between the two halves of the body and the brain.  It may be hard to believe, but if you are pigeon toed or splay footed, walking consciously and purposefully can correct these conditions.

While walking, look up and look at things far away.   Looking down, puts our mind into a feeling emotional state that may be depressing.   Looking up, puts us into a visual mode.  This state usually has mental pictures of happiness and harmony.   Looking at things far away trains the brain to get the big picture or an overview of things.   When we practice this, we tend to focus less on the little details of life that can get us down.   When we think bigger, the details tend to care for themselves.  We will be less likely to “make mountains out of mole hills.”

Since we walk by habit, we have to consciously change how we walk for about three weeks to learn to walk correctly.  Making a video of yourself walking can be very helpful.  Doing this once a week will help you see progress in changing how you walk.  Once you consciously make corrections and walk purposefully, the new way will gradually become a habit.  Soon you will walk correctly and all the body parts will line up as nature intended.  Your physical body and your emotional body will be much happier and so will you.


Put Your Health in Your Own Hands



“Already Done”


My friend Richard Sutphen tells an interesting story about his experience as a participant in a “Divine Matrix” seminar conducted by quantum physicist and author Gregg Braden.


Much of Gregg’s work relates to his long search through ancient culture, their writings and sacred texts for a more effective form of prayer. Gregg says that classic method of many of our prayers -- asking God for what we want -- actually cancels out our request. We often begin a prayer by acknowledging we do not have what we want. 


Here’s an excerpt from Gregg’s book, “Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer.” He describes accompanying a Native American friend on a hike through the New Mexico high desert.  During a time of drought, his friend David wanted to pray for rain within a medicine wheel. “I wasn’t prepared for what I saw next. I watched carefully as David removed his shoes, gently placed his naked feet into the circle, and honored the four directions and all of his ancestors. Slowly, he placed his hands in front of his face in a praying position, closed his eyes and became motionless. Oblivious to the heat of the midday desert sun, his breathing slowed and became barely noticeable. After only a few moments, he took a deep breath, opened his eyes to look at me, and said, ‘Let’s go. Our work is finished here".


“Expecting to see dancing, or at least some chanting, I was surprised by how quickly this prayer began and then ended. ‘Already?’ I asked. ‘I thought you were going to pray for rain!'


“David’s reply to my question has been the key that has helped so many to understand this kind of prayer. As he sat on the ground to lace up his shoes, David looked up at me and smiled. ‘No,’ he replied. ‘I said that I would pray rain. If I had prayed for rain, it would never happen.’”


Gregg asked, “If you didn’t pray for rain, then what did you do?”


”It’s simple,” he replied. “I began to have the feeling of what rain feels like. I felt the feeling of rain on my body, and what it feels like to stand with my naked feet in the mud in our village plaza because there has been so much rain. I smelled the smells of rain on the earthen walls in our village, and felt what it feels like to walk through fields of corn chest high because there has been so much rain.”


David had used his thoughts, feelings and emotions to perceive what he desired as an already accomplished fact. Although Gregg does not go into it in the book, in the seminar he said the following day it started to rain and did not stop until after the rain itself had become a problem.


In another segment of the seminar, Gregg showed a video of a woman with inoperable cancer being healed at a medical clinic in mainland China. A female technician used an ultra-sound monitor allowing us to see what was happening within the patient’s body as three doctors chanted something to the effect of the healing being “ALREADY DONE.” Within 2 1/2 minutes the cancer disappeared. The success rate of such healings is over 90 percent if the patient is willing to establish new patterns of thinking, diet and exercise.


For many years I have taught people to pray the solution, not the problem.   This story from Gregg Braden illustrates how to do that.  I thought it was worthwhile to pass along.   We can learn to pray health, not for health or the removal of the disease.


Put Your Health in Your Own Hands physically, mentally, and spiritually




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Biological Terrain


So the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is spewing oil into the ocean, threatening marine life and disrupting the costal habitat.   The ecologists are going crazy and we recall pictures of the Alaskan spill in the 1980s with the oil covered the shoreline when many sea creatures died.


Last night on NPR there was a discussion about an ecosystem in one of the costal marshlands.   In this area, crabs feed on snails and the snails eat a certain species of grass.   Everything is in balance and has been for many, many years.    Now with the oil approaching there is fear that the crabs will die and the snails will have no natural predators and then they will overfeed on the grass and the marsh will die within a short time.   This will have a ripple effect on lots of other organisms and may even indirectly impact our lives.


This reminds me of the biological terrain in our bodies.   Everything is in balance.   We can compensate for small insults, but larger ones may have a serious effect on our health.


When we ingest some medicines like antibiotics, steroids (prednisone), birth control pills, hormones, we can kill off the healthy normal flora.    These healthy bacteria, usually in the Acidophilus family (this is the same good bug that is used to make yogurt) help with digestion, and keep the population of bad bacteria and yeasts under control, just like the crabs, snails, and grasses.  Coffee, pop, alcohol, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, food additives all can have the same negative effect on the good bugs in the digestive system.


Without the good healthy Acidophilus in the gut, yeasts begin to over grow.   These yeasts are normal and necessary in our small intestine.   They clean up undigested sugars before they enter the large intestine.   But when we have no Acidophilus to keep the yeast in balance, they grow out of control.   This causes some people to become allergic to yeast and mold in the food and the air.   It also causes a release of toxins (waste by-products from the yeast) into our system causing chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bladder syndrome, memory loss, and a whole host of other unpleasant conditions.


The biological terrain of our digestive track is in a delicate balance.   It can take small insults and compensate for some toxic stuff like the usual trash that washes up on the beaches.    But when there is a massive insult, like the oil spill, it can have huge and devastating impacts on our body, just like the sea creatures and the marshlands.


Think about good natural organic healthy food.    It keeps things in balance.    Think about all the toxic stuff we put into our body.   It throws off the biological terrain.   So let’s not mess with Mother Nature.   Keep things as pure and natural as possible.  Remember this during the Holidays.


Put Your Health in Your Own Hands