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Bob's Books

Bob Huttinga, PA-C, and his wife, Barbara, have operated The Healing Center in Lakeview, Michigan, since 2005. Bob has been working as a traditionally trained certified physician assistant for nearly 40 years. Over the last 20 years, as a certified natural health practitioner, he has gained a vast amount of knowledge in the area of natural health, using homeopathy, herbs, essential oils, energy medicine, hypnosis, and much more. His mission is to teach people to put their health in their own hands.


Put Your Health in Your Own Hands

In Put Your Health in Your Own Hands, Bob draws on his personal experience as a physician assistant in family practice to show you many natural ways to improve your health. You will learn about your present level of health and how to overcome any obstacles that might be preventing you from reaching your health goals. By following these simple guidelines, you will learn how to convert your potential for amazing health into a reality.


I am amazed at the variety and the depth of information in this book. I will keep it for a reference guide.    —RJ


This book is very informative, it answered a lot of questions and raised a few more. I was very inspired by it and have decided I’m going to live to be a hundred and twenty, or die trying. —TH


This book squarely put the power of achieving my best health outcomes into my own hands. Bob’s great information handed me natural easy answers to healing myself. I am deeply grateful! —KO




I would love to read this book


A Shortcut to Success

“The elevator to success is out of order.  You will have to use the stairs…one step at a time.”  --Joe Girard

Reading this book might help you repair that broken elevator, but if you do have to take the stairs, there are only three easy-to-understand steps to success in family, occupation, recreation, health, and money. Many people will say there is not shortcut to success. They say you have to work hard. But you will learn that you can get ahead more quickly when you have a travel guide to help you clear past, outdated memories, clarify your goals, and see the future correctly, making your life an enjoyable, pleasant journey.


“Once in a while you meet someone who has encapsulated the wisdom of the ages in one book.  Bob Huttinga is such a person.  Drawing from the greats like Napoleon Hill, Louise hay, José Silva, Wayne Dyer, and others, A Shortcut to Success is a practical, mini how-to for learning to think correctly to create the life you desire to live!”                                      --Caroline Sutherland, author of The Body Knows How to Stay Young.


“The direct path outlined in this book help me to disconnect from reliving the past over and over.  I learned to create the bright future I most desire.  I can’t thank Bob Huttinga enough for writing this book and being the guide that I needed.”  GK 


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