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Homeopathic Remedies


    12 Homeopathic Remedies to Know



1.  Arnica 30C   (Mountain Daisy)

Injury, Bruises, Sprains, Strains

One Every 15-30 min for acute, 3-4 times per day for older injury

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2.  Apis 30C   (Honey Bees)

Bee Stings, Acute Hives

One Every 15-30 minutes until redness and swelling subside.

If history of Anaphylaxis/hives, use epi-pen if problem breathing or       swallowing and go to the ER, use Apis 200C on the way if available.

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3.  Calcerea Carbonicum 6C for degenerative arthritis pain  (Calcium Carbonate)

            Every day take one pellet, once or twice daily

            add Hydrangea TID to dissolve bone spurs  

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4.  Cantharis 30C  (Spanish Fly)

  • Burning with Urination
  • Thermal Burns        
  • Great for Interstitial Cystitis


One Every 30-60 minutes until burning pain subsides 

 For thermal burns apply Lavender oil spray (10 drops in 2 oz. Alovera Juice)

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5.  Chamomilia 30X   (German Chamomile)   Children’s dose

  • Colic
  • Teething
  • Ear Pain

One  Every 15 - 30 minutes as needed until colic or earache subsides

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6.  Drosera 30X or 30C  (Sundew)

Barking Cough, Whooping Cough, Croup

One Every 6-8 hours, may use more frequently for more severe symptoms

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7.  Gelsemium 200C (Yellow Jasmine Root)

Chronic Fatigue following Viral Illness, Acute Mono

Every 12 hours for 5 days

30C –  Great for Performance Anxiety, Stage Fright, Test Anxiety

Take one the night before and one the day of the event

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8.  Ignatia 30C   (St. Ignatius Bean)

Grief, Loss, especially death or loss of a romantic attachment, for pets too

Take one pellet once or twice daily for two to four weeks or until better

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9.  Ipecac 30C   (Syrup of Ipecac)

Vomiting, Coughing until vomiting

Take one every 30-60 minutes as needed for N & V

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10.  Oscillococcinum 200C  (

Influenza, Flu Like Illness with body ache, Best first 48 hours

Treatment --  ½ to 1 vial four times per day for two days

Prevention --  ½ vial once per week when flu is in the area

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11.  Symphoricarpos Racemosus 30C (Snow Berry)

Morning Sickness

Take one every day as needed, Twice daily if severe N&V

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12.  Symphytum 30C (Comfrey Root)  Bone Knit

Bone Healing, Fractures,    Take One pellet once per day

Osteoporosis    Take one pellet once per week

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Homeopathic Prescribing

                 -- General Guidelines


Selection of Homeopathic Remedies is based on the symptoms generated in the body by this illness. The Remedy will be the one that matches the symptoms of the illness.


Homeopathic Remedies can be used to treat four kinds of illnesses, Acute, Chronic, Intercurrent, and Constitutional. 

  • The first is Acute illnesses which are usually first aid cases and have a sudden onset of a self limiting illness or injury. 


  • Second are Chronic illnesses which are an ongoing set of symptoms not likely to resolve on their own.  These should be treated until symptoms of the condition are completely resolved.   One may resume treatment with the same remedy if a relapse occurs.  Most people have multiple chronic conditions which will likely be in “layers”.   A layer is created by an emotional or physical trauma that was not completely resolved leaving residual symptoms.  Each layer is treated individually and usually in reverse order in which they occurred.   A layer is completed when symptoms subside.  Then treatment can begin on the next priority layer.  

  • Third are Constitutional illnesses.  These are conditions present from birth and may have a true genetic basis.  Usually they are the last thing treated.  

  • The final type of illness is the Intercurrent illness.  These are acute conditions that come up during the treatment of the chronic conditions.   According to Herring’s Principle*, one may re-experience certain conditions and illnesses that one has had in the past.  This actually is part of the over-all healing process.  It has been called a healing crisis.   For example, if a woman is taking Calc. Carb 6C for degenerative arthritis and after 10 day she gets symptoms of a urinary tract infection, similar to ones that she had in the past.  If the urinalysis is normal, this should be treated homeopathically, not with antibiotics.   One should stop taking any chronic remedies while treating an Intercurrent illness.


Homeopathic Remedy Dosages are determined by the illness, how long it has been going on and by the sensitivity of the person with the illness.  

As a general rule, acute illnesses are treated with 30 C and 200 C remedies (X potencies are used for children). Aggravations from acute remedies in medium dose are rare. 

The treatment of chronic conditions starts with 6 C once per day and may be gradually increased up to 3 times per day if no improvement occurs.  If there is still no change at 3 times per day, one may increase the dose to 12 C, gradually working up to 3 times per day and finally up to 30 C if needed.   If no improvement happens at 30 C three times per day, then we will retake the case and change to a new remedy.  Again, we would start at 6 C once per day.  It may take from three to six months to totally work through a chronic layer.   

Intercurrent remedies will usually be 30 C repeatedly or 200 C until the symptoms are better.   Always stop the chronic remedy until the intercurrent symptoms have improved. 

Constitutional illnesses are treated like chronics with small doses that are gradually increased to find the right dosage.   Since these are the conditions we are born with, length of treatment varies a lot with each case.

*Constantine Hering, MD was a famous US Homeopathic Physician (1800-1880). According to him, healing occurred in a precise order: from above downwards, from within outwards, from a more important organ to a less important one, and in the reverse order of their coming.



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