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Has your Health Declined?

As you go through life things happen.

Emotional & Physical events that alter your level of health.

Eventually your level of health begins to deteriorate.

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What is health?


Traditional Western medicine would say that good health is the absence

of disease. But being healthy really is having adequate vital energy every day

to do the things you want to do with no limitations.


Even before birth, we begin to be touched by the world around us.

There is evidence that a human fetus “hears” at four months. So, pregnant

moms, remember to keep your environment clean and peaceful. And, dads,

be respectful, quiet, and courteous to both the woman with whom you are

creating this child and the baby within her.


After birth, toxic exposures, infections, physical trauma, surgery, and

emotional shocks all begin to exert their influence on our constitution. We

either recover fully or we only partially recover from the effects of these

external factors.


As we go through the years, these constant impacts create a gradual

reduction in our level of health. If our recovery and self-healing potentials

are greater than the insults to our body, mind, and spirit, then we will retain

a reasonably good level of health. If the insults (often self-inflicted) are

greater than our self-healing ability, we will begin to experience acute and

then chronic illness, which could eventually become degenerative beyond

the point of repair. These conditions are then named as diseases (in modern

holistic language “dis-ease” or the “absence of ease”) and become known as

pathological conditions.


As parents, we do our best to maintain a good fetal environment for

our child. Then, as the child grows from infancy to adulthood, we do our

best to reduce toxins, provide good water, food, and so on. Sometimes we

can reduce physical and emotional shocks. We encourage the growing child

to avoid tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, sweets, and things that are known to be



Caring for ourselves as parents, we can do periodic cleanses to remove

accumulated toxins. We can use prayer and meditation to remove the

emotional shocks affecting our mind and spirit. By finding the correct homeopathic

medicine and Bach Flower remedy, we can remove the bad effects of

physical and emotional trauma. Foods, herbs, and natural methods are our

best method of building the self-healing and recovery mechanisms that reside

within us.


So, as we progress through our lives, things happen to us. Physical and

emotional traumas happen that reduce our level of health. If we totally recover

to our constitutional level of health, that is great. But often we do not totally

recover to the same level we were before the event, and, gradually, as more

events occur, we see continuing reduction in our over-all level of health.

In addition to this ongoing reduction in our level of health, we might

also engage in activities and habits that become obstacles to our recovery.

These are things we do physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually that

keep us stuck in illness and disease. Natural health is about removing those

obstacles to recovery so the body and mind can return to its previously healthy

state, which it knows how to do very well. We just need to get out of the way.


Finally, we could get to a point where tissue damage begins to occur

during an event. This physical damage is called pathology and it refers to

diseases and diagnoses. Natural treatments can assist to some degree to reverse

the damage or make it easier to live with these aches and pains. Our mission

is to find the answer before the pathology occurs and to build or cleanse the

body back to its naturally healthy state.


we go through life there are cycles, ups and downs, illnesses, traumas
(physical and emotional), surgeries, allergies, and circumstances that
reduce our constitutional health. Our goal is to totally recover after each of
these events and return to our ideal health.
If there is nothing wrong, why do I feel so bad?
This is a question I have heard many times in my nearly 40 years as a
physician assistant. The answer lies in the study of how illnesses progress and
how traditional medicine defines illness.
In general, we could name three stages of health:
First stage: healthy and well means having enough vital energy every day
to do the things we desire to do with no limitations. This is the stage of health
we all want to be in.
Second stage: functional condition is limbo-land in which we feel bad,
have a lot of symptoms, but yet nothing shows up on medical tests. Many
people find themselves in this stage.
Third stage: pathological conditions mean that diseases and illnesses have
been recognized by observation of damaged tissue and abnormal results on
lab tests and x-rays. Because these illnesses have names, have been studied,
and have evidence-based diagnoses, practitioners of traditional medicine can
deal with them.
Remember: “It is not your age; it is just your mileage.” Each time we have
an acute illness, an injury, or an emotional shock and do not totally recover
from those insults, we experience a reduction in our overall level of health. As
a result, we start to see signs of stress on our genetically weakest systems. Long
before actual tissue damage occurs, we enter this area of functional condition.
This functional stage is the condition in which nutrition, homeopathy,
and natural health are most beneficial. Eating good food, avoiding the toxic
additives, drinking adequate water, getting daily exercise, getting a massage,
24 Put Your Health in Your Own Hands
using herbs to cleanse and build, and taking supplements will help us return
to the stage of being healthy and well.
Case Study: KJ, age 35, felt ill for 18 months. Beginning two weeks
after having had a flu shot, her symptoms of fatigue, joint stiffness,
and muscle aches were sometimes debilitating to the point that she
was often bed-bound. Recognizing that her symptoms were caused
by her overactive immune system, which thought she had the flu
rather than just controlled exposure to the flu virus, we treated her
with a homeopathic Gelsemium 200C, a natural treatment for influenza,
twice a day for five days. She fully recovered within a few weeks.
We need to learn to read the signs. The little aches and pain, the heartburn,
the blurry vision, the occasional headache, the urinary troubles, the
PMS are all signals from your body that changes need to be made. These
symptoms are not diseases. They are simple signals. Learn to stop, look, and
listen. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Learn to fix the functional
conditions before they become pathological problems that require
prescription medicine and surgery.
Symptoms: What is your body telling you?
A symptom is a message from within our body. Much like the red light
on the dashboard of our car that flashes “oil,” a symptom increases our awareness
that something needs correction.
In natural medicine, we know that the symptom also tells us what nutritional
change, herb, essential oil, or homeopathic remedy can be used to
correct the internal problem so the symptom will go away. When we get a
pain, we should ask, “What is this symptom trying to tell me?”
• Heartburn usually means: “Do not eat that food.” Or perhaps: “Do
not eat so much of that food. Reduce the size of that big gut.” Or,
emotionally, “What is eating at me?”
• Constipation means: “Eat differently.” “Drink more water.” “Eat
more foods that are high in fiber.” It could be asking, “What am I
emotionally holding on to?” or “Do I have a really crappy attitude?”
Events that Reduce Our Level of Health 25
• Abdominal pain has many possibilities depending on the location
and type of the pain.
• A fever indicates an infection and that the immune system is raising
the body temperature above 100.5 degrees in order to kill a virus or
• A runny nose is the body’s way of trying to dilute allergens or
remove viruses and bacteria from nasal passages and sinuses.
• Discharges of any kind have a definite purpose, mostly to remove
the offending organism from the area.
• Localized pain can tell us where the problem is.
The advertising media for traditional Western medicine tells us to gain
instant relief by making the symptom go away immediately. However, this
only masks the message, like putting a piece of tape over that oil light on the
dash. In holistic medicine, we recognize that our body wants us to direct treatment
toward the cause of the problem rather than blocking and suppressing
the symptom.
For example, high cholesterol is a symptom, not a disease. It means there
is too much inflammation in the blood vessel walls. We can track the symptom
back to its source and eliminate the problem. Once we fix the source of the
problem, the symptom will resolve all by itself. Changing how and what
we eat, exercising regularly, drinking good water, and avoiding toxins whenever
possible are often good ways to fix root causes and therefore eliminate
Many over-the-counter and prescription medications suppress symptoms.
Short-term suppression is acceptable while we find the root cause, but
long-term use of suppressive medications will actually cause more problems.
It’s better to pay attention to the symptom and fix the underlying cause.
Please understand that sometimes we need modern medicine, but many
times we can do things to prevent the need for prescription medications and
Case Study: MM had severe bone spurs in his neck causing pain
down his arm. The spurs were the result of a neck injury fifteen
years before. The neurosurgeon was considering surgery. I elected to
recommend herbal Hydrangea three times a day and homeopathic
26 Put Your Health in Your Own Hands
Calcerea Carbonicum 6C once a day at a cost of less than $30.
Within three weeks, the neck and arm pain began to subside. He
took those two remedies on days 1 through 25 of each month for
about six months. Three years later, he is still symptom free. Not
everyone is so fortunate, but it is good to try some things first before
having surgery.
Author’s Note: Herbal medications can lose their effectiveness
with long-term use. Taking a “vacation” from the herb for five or six
days each month will resolve this issue. We suggest taking the herb
on days 1 through 25 if it is going to be used for more than a month.
What works for you: Mechanistic view or vitalistic
Traditional medicine holds a mechanistic view of the body, thinking that
it is a machine that sometimes needs repair and a doctor to fix it. Prescription
medicine might not heal the body, but it will suppress and control the symptoms,
and surgery can repair or replace defective parts. The doctor, thinking
as a mechanic, focuses on the damaged tissue.
Much of traditional medicine is about suppressing the immune system.
Steroids, antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, immunizations,
birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy are all about suppression,
not about building the body to make it stronger. Taking these medications
generally weakens our constitutional health.
Natural holistic medicine holds a vitalistic approach that the body will
heal itself. If we listen to the symptoms and can perceive what the inner
healing mechanism is trying to tell us, we then can help jump-start the stuck
immune system, reset the “thermostat,” cleanse the excesses, supplement the
deficiencies, remove the obstacles to recovery, and select the correct homeopathic
and/or essential oil to correct the current symptoms.
Natural health is about returning to and maintaining our constitutional
level of health or building a better “us” than we were when we were born.
Our bodies know how to be healthy. Sometimes, they just need a little
nudge. The vitalist focuses on helping the body fix things before the damage

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