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Here are a few people who have email/wrote how The Healing Center has helped them.


Dear Bob

February 1, 2009



I first met "Dr. Bob" when I was pregnant for my oldest son, Nathan, who is now 27 years old.  He has always been able to find the best solution for me & my family.  So, when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after moving out of state, I called him.  We had several long conversations, after which he put me on a homeopathic regimen.  Now, my days are mostly good ones and getting better.  I would recommend homoeopathic remedies over drugs any day!  Thank you!!!



Laurie K. S.

Sulphur Springs, TX

Hello Bob~

I wanted to let you know, How my progress is doing.
I have finished the no wheat for 2 weeks as of Monday and am feeling better !!!! Still a little mucus here and there, but SO much better.
I was hoping it would take care of my tiredness all the time.   I want to thank you for taking time to help me and give me answers no other doctor could give me after 5 months of meds you helped me in 2 weeks. So THANX THANX so very very much.  It means so much.
I hope to keep feeling better...

Blessings, Lisa F........

Remus, Michigan

Dear Bob and Barb
I recently had a chance to try the Body Vibe.   I have arthritis and very stiff knees.  I can take no medications because of allergies.  After standing on the Body Vibe for just a few minutes I was able to bend both my knees without pain.   I was amazed.  I am going to find the money to buy one of those miracle machines.   Thanks for bringing this to the Women's Expo.

Mildred B.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hi Bob

Thank you so much for sending me your healing CD - I am so impressed.  I will spread the word around about it and see if others would be interested in ordering too.  I think it will make a huge difference and I haven't seen anything like it before.   

Jill D.

Tuscon, Arizona

Dear Barb

I was so lost and confused just trying to get by dealing with being a wife and mother of four. Somewhere along the line I had forgotten who I was. Through the group I've learned that I am just as important as my friends' and family. I need to treat myself as good or better than I treat others. It's almost as if I wondered through life searching, high and low, over and under, never sure of what I was looking for. Thanks to our group I've realized it was me I was looking for, the me that was covered up and set aside many years ago. Being part of this group has helped me get on my path to self discovery and true clarity.


Lakeview, Michigan

Dear Barb

Thanks to Barb, I have found out that my body can not tolerate gluten, soy and dairy products. I had been sick for few months and the doctors could not figure it out. So I went to see Barb, she muscle tested me and found out that my body couldn't tolerate these things. Thank you Barb


Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear Bob & Barb

It is so wonderful to be able to come to the Healing Center and be able to ask the knowledgeable staff questions from which flower essence would work for my situation, to what book or service would also benefit me. I very much enjoy the variety of classes and readers. Also it  is truly a place that can help me physically and mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Thank you Bob and Barb


 Sand Lake, Michigan

Dear Barb and Bob

The Healing Center is a place that embraces you and sees not only your disease but your potential as well. barb and Bob Huttinga are a complement to one another and strive to help you and achieve your best.

I came to the Healing Center a shy reclusive woman, overweight, imbalanced with no self-esteem what so ever. I felt like a worthless person and a horrible mother. Together with supplements, diet counseling and spiritual classes, they have helped me realize my potential. I am now a strong single mother, I know I am beautiful and I can talk to crowds of people without reservation. The Healing Center has changed my life. I have wonderful friends and I know I'm changing lives thanks to them.


Lakeview, Michigan

Hi Bob

A few weeks ago I came in to talk to you about my daughter, B-----.  She was having outbursts and meltdowns in school.  She was diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder last year.   Well, you gave us a homeopathic remedy.  I'm pleased to say we're getting great results.  You can see she's bothered by making mistakes or being told no or that she's wrong about something, but it's just a quick transition back to happiness and there have been no outbursts.  Even her teacher told us that she's been a whole week without a single outburst or meltdown.  We've even seen a lot of changes with how she communicates.  Frankly, we're blown away. 


Thanks for everything and just let me know if I should change anything we're doing.

Karen B.