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Zyto Compass Assessment

        Placing your hand on the scanner will tell you what supplements and oils your body needs.   Revolutionizing the way you make decisions about the nutritional products you think you need.


The compass is designed to pass information directly between the computer and your body.   It is called a bio-survey.

The compass sends stimuli to your body in the form of computer signatures that represent different biogenic markers and nutritional supplemental.

Your body responses to the stimuli and your responses are measured and recorded…In other words the compass asks your body questions and records your answers.

During the bio survey the compass interfaces with the most rapidly changing field in your body, the energetic field, which process over 400 million impulses of information per second.


Each bio survey effect and changes this energy field.  Because of this, rapidly repeating  bio-surveys will show different results, however this also means that the first survey is the most accurate.  A recent hospital study found a that a 93% correlation between bio-survey results and prescribed choices made by doctors for their study patients. The compass gives you that advantage.  Reliable information so you can make better choices for better health.


When your getting a reading the compass is measuring the body’s responses to the signatures of nutritional products, as well as 76 biogenic markers.

These Markers are related to vital parts of the body and functions, such as circulation, digestion, energy, and metabolic processes. 

On your compass report you’ll see your baseline circle with dots representing your responses to these markers.  Red dots outside the circle indicate negative responses and referred to as out of range.

 Your body’s product preferences are determined when out of range markers come into range, shown when red dots move inside the circle and turn green.  With this information your ready to use the nutritional supplements your body prefers.


Continue to keep taking these supplements long enough for your body to receive their full benefit.  At that time you’ll find it helpful to get another compass assessment and adjust your nutritional supplements accordingly. 

Between assessments, pay attention to your body.  Do you feel healthy, do you have more energy? 

Proper nutritional supplementation can result in these and other health benefits.

The cost of this assessment is only $20.

Keep your health on course with a regular health compass assessment.


Put Your Health in Your Own Hands